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Pocket Puma Pets: New Evolutions and Recolorable Talons!


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New evolutions have arrived!


Thank you Yam for these horse inspired evolutions!

Soquili Mane will give your pumas a horse-like mane.
Male lions and wushis of both genders show a shoulder mane, all other pumas have the Soquili Mane on their heads and necks.


Soquili Tail gives all pumas a big flowing tail.
Look at all that fluff!


Aren't they fun?


Most of our evo marking enchantments will work on the new evos, including fade!
Spots, stripes, waves, rose tangle, and many others are supported. :)


Talons are now a recolorable evo!


You may need to refresh your pumas image (You can do this by clicking their name on their profile!) to see the changes.


If you have a custom that has talons, and you are not happy with the new visible color, let us know! We are happy to adjust the coloring for you.


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