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Unmatching layout


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The sidebar content on the "main" forum page does not match the sidebar content once you dig into any of the forums.

I wanted to see who was online and the current power leaderboard, however this data is not available when viewing the forums homepage. 

Could we make it so that regardless of how "deep" you are into the forums - the sidebar content is consistent?

PS. Remove "Trending Clubs". IMO it is irrelevant compared to the other things and just makes it so you have to scroll really far to see the online list and power leaderboard for today.

PS2. Turns out the online list is not on there either... where has this moved to?

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I have synced up all the widgets on the pages to be the same.

PS. Done.

PS2. Who was Online replaced the currently online, as I feel it is a more comfortable measure. Being a forum it is less about who is on right now, and more about who has visited recently, we aren't necessarily real-time IMO.

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