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What is Imposter Syndrome and how does it apply to us all?

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So I wanted to post this as a general "hmm" post. One thing I struggle with personally, as I am sure some many of you can relate to is something known as Impostor Syndrome, which is where you feel like you are not good enough even though you have measurable proven results to the contrary. (Wikipedia on Impostor Syndrome)

How many of the members here have at one point felt that they have nothing worthwhile to offer to this community or their projects, or felt that they are not knowledgeable enough in the topics at hand to offer any constructive input - even when they have had experiences that are valuable?

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*raises hand slightly*

I feel this on a lot of different levels, not just in the lack of providing constructive critism, but personally as an artist... I get it quite often. I want to offer up so much more regarding artworks, but I always freeze in doing so... and not always for reasons I understand.

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