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Survey Results!


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So, with 28 votes from our survey, we have a large enough sample to determine a general base of 20% of our member-base. I thank each and every member who took the time to provide their feedback!

The results are as such!

1. Should TGL remain VPS (Virtual Pet Site) / Sim Site focused only?

This one surprisingly came closer then I had thought. Since most of the member base here is from VPL, I had figured a strict thought of sticking to Virtual Pets more then a wider focus. Although the results pointed to remaining more focused, it was narrow at 57% to 42% with only a difference of 4 votes.

What I take from this: Although I believe that the VPS and Sim industry is our primary bread and butter as a community, I do believe that we can open our topics (which we do, although not on a wide scale) to a larger discussion of any gaming industry. I would love to see us gravitate to being more open to other industries beyond VPS or Sim's, but only time and more diverse content will make this happen. To make this happen, it will require the community posting more broader ranged topics.

2. Should TGL rebrand to be more VPS (Virtual Pet Site) / Sim Site focused (say having virtual pet in domain name for instance)?

This one was a keep what we have. 82% of voters like TGL.

What I take from this: Stick with TGL.

3. Should TGL be game creation / owner focused, or general virtual pet site focused?

This question was designed to give me an idea of the scope that the community was interested in. Traditionally VPL, where most of our member base originates from was focused on game owners and game development - and very little discussion on game news or industry news really.

The voters responded saying that they wanted a broader focus when it came to virtual pets and sim industry, not just game owners or game development. 67% to 32%.

What I take from this: More game news, broader focus on other forms of virtual pet games, not limited to browser, but also mobile or other platforms. More focus on industry as well as news arises (the industry as a whole is relatively quiet one). This one is also changing for the community as it provides a need for the community to be more involved to pointing out changes in the industry as well, as well as offer content to make this really benefit everyone.

4. I would like to see more of [INSERT] content here on TGL:

You guys whould like to see more of:

  1. Guides / Tutorials / Howtos
  2. Game Reviews
  3. Game Owner Interviews
  4. Contests and Competitions
  5. Member Interviews

In that order. I will be asking the community for more help on what you would like to read more specifically in the future out of these :) 

5. I primarily visit TGL to

Users primarily visit TGL to do the following in this order (please note I have taken members from the categories as it makes sense. If you posted lurk in the shadows and post on topics that interest me, I put you in the lurk in the shadows if you have few posts, and post in topics that interest me if you are more active).

  1. 16 to participate in the marketplace
  2. 16 post in topics that interest them
  3. 7 to lurk in the shadows
  4. 7 who are totally not sure why they even come here (but we love you anyway! :heart: )

6. I find other members of the community here at TGL to be

This question was to get a feeling of community, how our members felt about the other members. Overall, 22 of the 28 members feel that other members are either Great or Good to be around, while 6 members were more lukewarm and felt that the other members were just Okay to be around.

What I take from this: It is important in any community, online or off to build a great community vibe, and I happy that the majority of the voters in the survey feel comfortable and are enjoying the other members who are here. This is continual thing, and we always try and work on improving it, as a task that I try to do by offering ways for you guys to interact, but also by you guys participating in conversations and sparking ways to interact with each other yourselves.

7. I would love to participate more in topics and posts here at TGL, but I don't know where to start?

This was more to test the barrier to entry for the community. Whether members felt overwhelmed when they arrived, or felt that they were having issues getting started participating, either because they were being held back by not being sure what to say or add, or if they just didn't know where to begin.

This one came in close, with 53% saying they weren't really held back, and 46% indicating they were held back and didn't how best to start participating.

What I take from this: I take this one rather seriously, as it presents a valid issue. If anyone is feeling that they are confused, lost, or overwhelmed when it comes to participating - they won't participate. This means that not only do they lose out on being part of the community, but the community (everyone else) misses out on what they can offer. I would love to get more feedback on this, and will be reaching out to those privately (as to not overwhelm) for a comment to see what I can try and do to help this one.

8. Gimme more Adoptables pls!

This was to gauge the general sense of the Forum Adoptables features we have on the boards. Overall, I feel that they are a unique and fun feature, although not a main focus of the community, however felt I needed to get a feeling for the community thoughts.

What I take from this: That you guys love them, would like more of them and features for them. I have some more content coming out in the next day or two, and yes - more new stuff is in the works!

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This is a great analysis of the survey and I'm wondering perhaps if we could get something similar to this every few months to get a vibe for where the community currently stands?

Thanks for all the hard work and effort you put into making TGL a great place! It's really positive to see the owner taking on board everything that the community says :) 

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Just now, Nate said:

I'm wondering perhaps if we could get something similar to this every few months to get a vibe for where the community currently stands?

I will probably do one a few times a year or so to get a feel of how things change over time. These are necessary for me to understand how trends change.

I am not really the one to thank, it is the community that matters, you guys rock! :heart: 

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