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What coding editor do you prefer?


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This is a question for those who do some coding whether it is HTML or another language.

What editor do you prefer to use, and why? What other editors have you tried and decided against before finding the editor or tools you use?

For work, I use Visual Studio (several different years of versions), however on my projects, yes even the Adoptables I have fallen in love with Visual Studio Code. It just makes sense to use.

Occasionally I will drop back into Sublime Edit, but rarely.

So, @Nate, @Hare, @HappyDemon, @The Dark Lord, @Bedouin, @crotanite, and anyone else... what editor has your fingers and heart?

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At work its a mix of Visual Studio and Notepad++ since those are the company standards.

For teaching my daughter web development I'm using Dreamweaver since it really helps you along and has a simple UI.

As for development of my game.. I've tried most of the offerings out there but i always fall back to PSPad. I find it the most convenient to use across PHP, javascript and HTML. Most other flavours of software normally let me down with one of those three, however PSPad feels right for all three.... and the hotkeys are ingrained on my soul haha.

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18 minutes ago, The Dark Lord said:

Edited to add: Also, it turns out RubyMine has moved to a subscription-based model; you can't just buy a one-time license which sucks.

I can attest to the subscription model of software kinda getting ridiculous, makes it much more annoying to find software you can enjoy for years because you are dishing out money and being forced updates.

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When I'm on Windows, I use Notepad++ but on Mac (which is most of the time), I use a Transmit/Atom combo. I'm really shallow and love the themes that I can install on it. At work, I always get asked which theme I'm using because of all the pretty colors. Plus, it's just easy to use and really customizable like TDL said. I did try out Sublime, Textmate, and VS Code but Atom is home. :) 

If you're working in Angular 2 with Typescript, VS Code is the way to go though.

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I primarily use PHPStorm now a days and really like it. Easy to use and recognizes Laravel which is good since that is what I am programming in most of the time. It does fine with javascript which I also use regularly. I like having my project open on the left hand side to easily pull up and switch between files, which of course is a common feature anyway, but seems to work well for me. 

I sometimes will use sublime text when I just want to check a file normally that's in another project than the one currently open. Easily opens up and doesn't affect the current project or open a new one. Plus it's fast so that is good when I am just checking something. But I don't normally do any programming using it.

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