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IcePets.com: Big News From the Icepets Team!


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Meh Meal

Glee Meal

Rage Meal

Have your Pets been begging for a tasty on-the-go nibbles? Check out these brand new meals at Affogato! The Meh Meal, Glee Meal, and Rage Meal will have them dancing for the rest of the day.

The Origin Of The Team Contest

Vintage Dip Pen

Winner Candy Bucket

Do you feel the Team Contest could use some changes? Or perhaps you like it just how it is? If so we have a poll and a survey for Terrafrostians to offer feedback with! The survey closes March 15th 23:59:59 IST so be sure to get your feedback in by then if you want it considered for the next event!

Battle Quill

Staff Ice Cube

Partially Drawn Paint Brush

Some other big news in the world of Terrafrost -- The IcePets Team welcomes two new staff members! @tae is making a huge splash with their creative writing. Meanwhile @MarkiArts has been making a mess with the other artists. We are thrilled to have them on the team. With the addition of these two members, @smallsamoyed has received a promotion to Head Writer. Let's give everyone a congratulations!

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