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Pocket Puma Pets: March 2023 TE Items


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March. Yup 3 months into 2023 already. Wow, ya blink and times gone. March is a month that brings with it nicer weather, more flowers and greenery and playful, happier feelings. Our TE items this month hope to reflect that renewal of all things uplifting as March rolls in.

A HUGE thank you to Higgs #14524 for these wonderful petites!


• Playful Catterfly [ 3TE ]
Play wif me!
Click for sample of "Playful Catterfly":
Click me

• Playful Doggofly [ 3TE ]
Me Too!
Click for sample of "Playful Doggofly ":
Click me

We Hope you enjoy our adorable new TE items!

*TO the Wayback Machine! *

Has spring already sprung? Pumas are itchy to show off some green! Take a look at March's TE items from Jamie. :)


Emerald Accessories [ 5 TE ]

This package contains the following: Emerald Feather Boa and Emerald Cascade Necklace


Emerald Mountain Shield & Dagger [ 5 TE ]


Remember, the Premium Monthly item is available for 5TE if you want one or two.


You can find all on sale now in the TE Items Shop

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