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Summer break plans?


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I'm probably going to really catch up with my art and seriously start to get some experience.

Then, I want to really get going with building my game up, since in a whole year I just made the registering/login system (I'm a lazy arse) ?

Furthermore, I'm gonna continue writing my book, and I'll set the goal of writing one chapter each week ?

After those, I really want to learn horse riding, do camping, fishing, and just go out as much as I can with my friends.


I wonder how many of those goals I'll actually reach LOL ????

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haha... school. I'm glad I'm not in school anymore, but there are parts of college I do actually miss. Just parts though. The overall thing, not so much. I'm very glad to be done with every school under the sun as I still have like 7 more years of loans to pay off :P

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I just finished my finals today!!! PARTY

I have a lot of plans for myself this summer, since I'll be a senior next year and will seriously need to up my game so that I'd be ready for an internship (or a job would be nice)! 

I hope to do speedpaints and studies daily, start doing more plein air, and I have plans on collaborating with @chocoshrooms on a full book/comic (undecided).

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I miss summer breaks... when I don't have to work. Haha

My summer will be focused on getting my start-up off the ground, building my business, going to a wedding shower, celebrating my 22nd birthday and looking for jobs now that I've graduated from university haha. I'm not putting too much weight on the last part (finding a job) since the economy is pretty awful here where I live, and I'm hoping that my startup will take off so I can work full time from it. :)

I have plans to finish editing my book, which I put off to the side, and submit a research paper for publication later this summer (I procrastinated on the revisions QQ). 


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