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Lythbound: Taming, Captures, Exploration, and Treasures!


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Companion Captures and Taming Skill Updates

The companion captures feature and taming skill have both received some large updates to bring them more up to speed with last year's update to realm familiarity.

The taming skill's level cap and experience requirements have been adjusted; the max level is now 10.

A Lythian's taming skill level now determines the maximum number of successful captures a Lythian can have. Success rate is now determined wholly by the companion being captured. (Captures available increase as the Lythian levels up, with level 10 offering infinite captures.)

Following the above, successful captures are no longer per-companion species, but across all companion species. (For example, previously most companions could only be captured once per Lythian after this update, a Lythian can use all of their captures on one species, if desired.)


As before, a capture still requires a lure item, which is only used on success. However, attempts may now be made multiple times per day at the cost of Loonoles. A Lythian's first attempt for the day is always free, and subsequent attempts cost an increasing amount of Loonoles (the cost of which resets at midnight).

Lythians now gain taming experience both for successful captures, and failed captures. Successful captures are worth 300 experience; failed captures earn 40 experience for the first, free attempt, and increase in equal value to the Loonole cost of later attempts.

Because the experience earned from captures alone is not enough to reach max level, an art quest has been added which will earn experience in the taming skill.
The Skill: Taming - Experience art quest is an open-ended quest detailed on the skills page, which awards skill experience according to Loonole value (at a rate of Loonole value x 10).


Finally, most numbers related to individual companions have been adjusted. In many cases, success rates were lowered, and realm familiarity level requirements were increased, to better fit familiarity levels after the expansion.

As part of this change, all Lythians which previously unlocked the taming skill, and/or were successful in any captures have now received:
- Experience for their taming skill unlock art quest, at the 1 Loonole to 10 experience rate.
- 300 experience for each successful capture made prior to this update.
However, previous captures ARE included in their total capture counts, which means it may not be possible for some Lythians to make further captures until they level up.

To return your Lythians to their correct level, you will need to visit their profiles and click the "Level up" button(s) under the "Skills" tab!

Fuwa Bozu Crafts and Captures


Thanks to the above updates, Fuwa Bozu at the uncommon and rare tiers can now be captured via companion captures if you have the right lure, that is. Can you figure out how to craft the Uncommon and Rare Tenugui?

(The variant versions of Fuwa Bozu are listed in tabs associated with the main Fuwa Bozu capture page.)

Igroven Exploration


The Adventurer's Guild is pleased to announce that Igroven's sanctioned exploration is now available to everyone with a familiarity of 2 or higher in Igroven proper! Per usual, new exploration exclusive rewards are available from Igroven's exploration including variant items, new pets, and more!

Lythian Treasure Collections

As of today, you may notice a new option when using an item in your inventory: "Add to Lythian Treasures."

This works very similarly to adding pets to your Lythians: once an item is added to their treasures, it will display on their inventory in a new collection tab, and the treasures can be sorted or removed in the same way as pets.

However, the difference between this and pets is that Lythians have a limited number of slots for treasures. This can be permanently increased (per Lythian) on the same page as sorting treasures, but costs Loonoles to do. Additionally, each slot increase will cost progressively more Loonoles (this progression is per-Lythian, not per total of increases across your whole account).

Miscellaneous Updates

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