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Community Round-up 5/26


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Happy Friday! Today's round up includes a lot of good stuff, so lets see what's been happening around the forums today. As usual, if you have not participated in our survey yet, please do, it is important and helps me gauge the communities interests so I can bring you stuff you want, and leave out stuff you don't want.

Public Game Clubs are starting to roll out.

Public Game Clubs are community ran clubs around known games. These are open for anyone to post to, and are designed to create sub-communities, that with a little hard work will eventually be taken over by their game owners. Read more on the news post.

Forum Adoptable Guide and Welcome Post have been updated!

The two guides were showing their ages, so they were updated today, the Forum Adoptables guide much needed updates to help new users. Also, the new Introduction post will contain a useful information for new users registering as well, to match the Message they receive. Thanks @Nate for the suggestion.

New Members Notices!

We have two new members that have joined us, make sure to say hello to @Silverwulfess and @treemasterx.

Topics of interest for this wonderful Friday:

  • @Hare released a wonderful set of art for the community to use for free!
  • A great discussion was created today on Moderation in a game.
  • Lots of great new art by several people posted recently, including @Pepper-Head, @Tanya, @Aminirus, and @dracula
  • @Boltgreywing has posted several blog posts updating and introducing features for his game in development - Duelingpets! Check them out!


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