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The "Hello New Person" auto-post


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Is it possible to customise it?

If yes, perhaps you could also add links to all the relevant guides (Community Guidelines, Adoptables Guide etc) ?

When i first joined, i remember this post was was the FIRST thing i read, since it was my first notification.

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7 minutes ago, Hare said:

Good idea!

:D Thanks.

Just to add for when Digital reads this - Something similar to this is sent on PM, but would be great to get on the actual post itself. I think the post is more effective :D 

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Yeah, super great idea. When I joined, it was also the first thing I saw and then a post stamped on the front page about rules and such, but apparently it took me a bit to figure out that's what it was and not just a basic guide on how to use the site. XD

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