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IcePets.com: The Competition Heats Up


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Pirate Zabeu Amourok PlushDamage Buff HeartFairy Krittle Amourok Plush

As Amourok nears its end, it's time for each team's final rally! The scores of both teams are hidden, and both Full Hearts will appear more often in all NPC shops, excluding Port Rakor and the Snow Jar Igloo.

In addition, the Token Booth, Quest Store, and Raffle Store are now stocking Empty Heart Fragments until Amourok ends, February 24th at 23:59:59 Icepets Time.

Love Letter Cheese Ice CubePassionate Poetry

Feeling all sappy from the Amourok season? Don't forget to enter the Cheesy Love Poem Contest! Grab your quills and muses and purple prose -- and remember to have your entry uploaded and sent to Nexinhah by February 22nd, 23:59:59 IcePets time.

Mochi Space Krittle Plush

We have an adorably squishy User-funded items Please give a (quiet) hello to the sleepy Mochi Space Krittle Plush, funded by @joy3111! Thank you for helping bring this item to Terrafrost. Many Terrafrostians will snuggle this comfortably while they sleep.

Get one for your household from the Plushie Palace, or received as a reward from the Book Quest. A week from now, the Plushie Quest will begin asking for it as well.


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