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New public game clubs have been created!


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So I have started converting some of the sites from the Big List of Games into Public Game Clubs.

What are Public Game Clubs

Public Game Clubs are clubs that members do not have to join to participate in, they are completely open to all members. As a result these sites are completely setup and ran right now by the community. I have placed a notice at the top of these games, letting potential game owners know that at any time they may claim the Game Club and take them over.

My goal is not to manage these indefinitely, but to set them up until their game owners hopefully claim them. The first step is slowly getting the large list of games created with what information I can easily (It is remarkable how few games have a good description of what their game really is about, features, etc.) glean. The next step is me reaching out to these sites in hope of communicating with their owners.

New Public Game Clubs that now exist:



If anyone here happens to know the owners of any of these sites, and would like to reach out and let them know to come claim these clubs and run them, please do so, or let me know how to get in touch with the respective owners.

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Ooh I've never even heard of Pokemon Pets; I'll have to check that out!

When clubs first came out, I thought it was going to be more like Neopets clubs where users can chat and role-play. Do you have anything like that planned for the future?

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