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IcePets.com: Amourok Begins!


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It looks like this Amourok season is starting off with a bang (fortunately unrelated to any volcanoes)! Less fortunately, it's because the recently settled Pirate and Fairy Pets of the Misty Isles have found themselves in a kerfuffle...

Xephyr Pirate

"These overgrown tufts of glitter think they're something sharp, covering the Isles we worked so hard to map in this obnoxious mist. The hot springs are almost too blinding to use," says Halwn the Pirate Xephyr. "But it's no matter -- a Pirate is more clever than a Fairy. We can sail in any weather, magical or not."

Jakrit Fairy

"Oh, please. We're the only reason any map of the Isles is coherent. These clumps of salty seaweed think they're so smart, using our mist as cover to dig up treasure!" says Amaryllis the Fairy Jakrit. "Not that it matters -- we Fairies are more than capable of outwitting some Pirates. Just wait until a treasure chest is filled with marbles!"

Full Glimmering HeartFull Nautical Heart

It looks like this year's Amourok will involve another Clash of Colours! Make sure to head on over to the signup page to see which team takes a shine to you before you start hunting for Empty Heart Fragments!

These Fragments can be found stocking in NPC shops (except for the Snow Jar Igloo and Port Rakor), as well as from Heart Breaker and quest rewards. There is also a small chance of finding a Full Heart instead! Speaking of...

Empty Heart Fragment 1Empty Heart Fragment 3Empty Heart Fragment 4Empty Heart Fragment 2

Once four different Fragments have been collected, your may bring them to your team leader to have them transformed into a Full Glimmering Heart or a Full Nautical Heart. More Full Hearts means more points for your team!


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