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IcePets.com: Amourok Will Be Here Soon


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http://www.icepets.com/images/Pets/Ori/Ori_Tech.png http://www.icepets.com/images/Pets/Ridix/Ridix_Dreamworld.png

Not just one, but two brand new Pets are joining us in Terrafrost today! Be sure to give these guys a warm welcome, because they're here to stay.

First up is the Tech Ori, funded by @titaniumfire! It's the perfect companion for technology enthusiasts -- or alternatively, anyone who needs a tech-savvy Pet to help them navigate this ever-changing world.

Up next is the Dreamworld Ridix, funded by @joy3111! This Pet is super chill and always in the mood to cuddle with you. Don't be surprised if the Dreamworld Ridix curls up on your lap and takes a long nap!

Tech Ori Morphing Potion Dreamworld Ridix Morphing Potion

You can find both the Tech Ori Morphing Potion and the Dreamworld Ridix Morphing Potion at the I.C.E Shop until the end of the month. They'll be selling for 500 IceCash (450 for Gold Accounts.) You can also find them restocking at the Snow Jar Igloo, so keep an eye out!

Sun Parakeet Plush

Additionally, residents of the Halipar Jungles have reported a strange, glimmering fog persisting throughout the week, as well as an increasing number of ships looming off their coasts. They seem to be heading towards the Misty Isles, but that doesn't explain why the fog hasn't dissipated so far inland...

Fairy Ridix Morphing PotionAh-hah! PlushesCompass Coin

Speaking of the Misty Isles, its signature mist has turned mysteriously thick and... sparkly, enveloping the land and making it dangerous for ships unfamiliar with the harbour to dock. While some residents have been eyeing the volcano nervously, Pirates have taken the opportunity to delve for treasure within Fairy portions of the isle.

Love Zabeu Plush

Ah well, it's probably just temporary -- besides, it's time to grab your sweets and ribbons and groan-inducing puns, because Amourok is almost upon us! Don't get lost in the fog, as there will be more Amourok news soon.

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