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Atrocity: Season of love and the end of the sky tear event


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I appreciate all who joined in to try to help the Aliens Spike and Poof get home! AS this was the first Event of this kind, I did I know it wasnt perfect and it had issues! I would definately appreciate if you told me what you thought so I can take this input to make the events better in the future <3

In other news we are now in the season of love! When you log in you will get ingredients for Valentines which you can then send to other users!


http://atrocity.mysidiahost.com/picuploads/valentines/craftsupplies.pngCraft supplies + http://atrocity.mysidiahost.com/picuploads/valentines/crayons1.pngCrayon Box + http://atrocity.mysidiahost.com/picuploads/valentines/envelope1.pngLovely envelope + http://atrocity.mysidiahost.com/picuploads/valentines/constructionpaper1.pngConstruction paper = http://atrocity.mysidiahost.com/picuploads/valentines/valentinemockup.pngValentine

You can find the ability to send valentines on a users profile ^^
So please have fun sharing love with your fellow atrocitians!

We are still working on things I promise! I know this is a short news post but I prpmise more things are being worked on and I will have more to update with soon <3

~Till next time my darlings!


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