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Lythbound: February 1, 2023


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Featured Lythian

This month's Featured Lythian is...

Zola - 990

Owned by: Breebee

Gifting Gacha Increased Rates

Items with increased rates in this month's Gifting Gacha are:
Old Coin
Assorted Seeds
Heart Glasses
Tiny Feather

New Monthly Contest

A new monthly contest has begun. You can read more on the Monthly Contest: Visual Art page!

Congratulations to the winner of last month's Monthly Contest!
"Snow whipped around, Cyren's scarf clinging to her neck for dear life, secure enough in its position but ends fluttering in the wind as though it was attempting to escape. She would usually morph into something like a Kikitsu in these temperatures, something with fur at the least. But something took priority over the biting cold. An ice sculpture. She'd been fiddling about with temperature magic. And she could already manipulate water a bit. Why not? And what better subject than someone who she knew the look of very well, whose appearance could constantly be checked and re-checked in..."
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Submission by: XxSTARL1GHTxX

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