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CelestialEquine: Release teasers and more!


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Release teasers and more!

Happy Saturday, CE Players!

We have a ton of fun releases planned for the month of February. Keep reading to learn more.

New Body Marking Gene
We have been brainstorming new ways to make a custom body color through layering soft full body markings. We will be releasing our first “soft hue” body marking into the magic shop and alliances in February! Here is an example of a soft pink hue on a black body and a white body -


Our first round of soft hue releases will include (5) natural colors releasing into the magic shop and (3) fantasy colors for each alliance! We will also post these as a spotlight package for collectors.

New Secondary Marking Colors
We have finally had the time to release the Layne main body marking as a secondary marking! This marking is so versatile and will make an excellent addition to the alliances. Black, White, Grey, and Chestnut will be released into the magic shop. (5) fantasy colors will be released into each alliance. Be on the lookout for a spotlight package for these genes as well!


New Body Colors
Next up, we will be releasing (11) new body colors to the various alliances! These bodies will not stock in the magic shop. We will be releasing matching feathering, wings, and locks into the alliances as well. Here is a preview of the colors dropping into the Iazinata and Cacearune alliances!


Current Auctions
We currently have one CE premade breed and one gene auction live in the forums!

Greek Dryad Breed


Body Shimmer Gene


Development updates
We are still hard at work sprucing up our breeding feature as well as the UI updates. We will provide more updates here when they become available!

Facebook and Instagram
Do you follow us on social media? Be sure to add our accounts to your watcher list for exclusive updates and offers!

Facebook -- Instagram

Celestial Equine Etsy
Shop the Celestial Equine Etsy for beautiful pins, stationary, coloring books, and more. We stock new items on a monthly basis! Check it out here!


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