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IcePets.com: A Whole Bunch of New Plushies + A Friendly Reminder


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Space Ori Plushie Angelic Novyn Plushie
Toon Ridix Plushie Ancient Sharshel Plushie Groovy Jakrit Plushie

Today's a good day for Plushie enthusiasts, because we're rolling out five new Plushies, all funded by @irissa. The Space Ori Plushie, Angelic Novyn Plushie, Toon Ridix Plushie, Ancient Sharshel Plushie, and the Groovy Jakrit Plushie are now all for sale at the Plushie Palace. You can also get them as a reward from the Book Quest, and starting a week from today, the Plushie Quest will add it to their request list. These adorable plush toys are just waiting for you to give them a big hug!

Dreamworld Lugra Pinata 2023 Skeletal Krittle Pinata 2023 Purple Sharshel Pinata 2023

The end of the Ansvin celebration is drawing near, so here's a reminder that today is the last day for all Ansvin-related activities. By today at 23:59:59 IcePets Time, Pinata Mania will be closing up, and all Ansvin-related Items will be removed from the Shops. Pinatas will no longer be involved in any Quests, either. The only exception to this is the Ansvin Pinata, which will be available until the end of the month. Be sure to make the most of these features while they're still around!

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