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CelestialEquine: January Updates & Releases


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January Updates & Releases

Good afternoon CE players!

We have a new, fun update for everyone! With 2023 in full swing, we have a more in depth development plan to share along with some new releases.

Within the month of February we have two big updates to push. First, we will be modifying the headers and shout boxes! The headers will have a full toggle option to collapse what can be viewed as bulky content. Next up, players will also have the ability to hide shouts! This will allow players to modify what type of content they like to see in shouts to allow for more enjoyable game-play.

Next up, we will be adding a fun new feature to the breeding process! Breeding will now have a possible foal preview option with the ability to use upgraded currency to manually adjust genes on your favorite preview. More details will be available as we get further along in developing this feature, but we couldn’t help but spill the beans on a highly requested upgrade!

New Releases
We have released a fun new marking to the alliances, magic shop, and the Cash Shop! The Sooty Appaloosa white marking is available in 15 different varieties - check them out in the Spotlight Package. These markings will be stocking at random in the Magic Shop along with appearing in alliances.

Here are a few previews!



Auction Genes
Lastly, we have one live auction! Fillynox glow horns are live with a starting bid of $50 and an autobuy of $70. Check out the auction here!


Thank you for reading, and happy gaming!


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