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Wajas: Bzzzt. What's this?


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[Maniacal laughter] The Story CRACK! Frederick jumped, sending a delicate tool flying from his work table. Just in time, he managed to catch it in his free hand, and then he set everything he had been working with down on the table in an orderly fashion. What could it be now? That had almost sounded like it came from the roof. Fred couldn’t risk any disturbances right now. He was so close to getting things right with the portal to Solaria, but a small error could make the portal go wrong. He couldn’t risk losing the glitch energy painstakingly collected by so many of the citizens of Lunaria, and so needed by the Wajas of Solaria. Before he could proceed, the noise needed to be investigated. He turned to leave his lab. And stopped short. “...Dad?” He moved quickly to straighten his lab coat. “This is a surprise.” A surprise, and a relief. How long had it been since he had actually set eyes on his father? Years, now? He hadn’t even heard f

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