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Community Round-up 5/25


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So, lets do the round-up for today! First off, I need a little input from everyone, so please be sure to check out and vote on the poll, it is very important that I get your feedback!


Community Milestone: 3,000 Posts

Today we have reached a total of 3,000 posts, so rejoice and cheer! This is a big accomplishment. I look forward to seeing many more posts from everyone!

New Threads worth Checking Out Today:

  • @Nate posted a great guide today about using a popular organization tool called Trello to organize your projects.
  • @Hare posted some code and description on how she does genetics and code, it is an interesting read.
  • @dracula is selling some Pet Line and NPC artwork on the Marketplace.
  • I dusted off the Big List of Games thread, but I need the communities help in fleshing it out.
  • Novilar has a new update, check out their blog in their Game Club. Thanks for keeping us updated @runeowl!
Introducing Senior Members!
As we grow, members become more then just members, they become very important people to the community, and their contributions become more important and meaningful. I wanted to make sure to find a way to thank these members who are contributing by posting, sharing, and generally showing that they find our community fun and a great place to be. So, I have introduced a new rank, and here is how it works:
  • You must have been a Member for at least 14 days.
  • You must have posted at least 50 good posts (spamming doesn't work, sorry)
  • You must have gained at least 10 reputation from your posts. Reputation is gained by other members liking your posts through Reactions.
Senior Members are looked to for input and ideas by the staff, and their opinions are important. I will often refer to them before I refer to the community at large. They have their own forum which is restricted to themselves where they can be themselves, they have earned it. I want everyone to aspire to be a Senior Member, so come join their ranks!
Core Members also share this groups privileges, and that program will see some changes in the near future to bring it's requirements up to line with the requirements of Senior Members. It will be announced later, with more details. If you are a Core Member, but don't have the requirements for a Senior Member, do not worry, you will be grandfathered in under the current Core Member requirements.
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