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CelestialEquine: New Artists and more!


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New Artists and more!

Thank you all so much for taking the time to respond to our last news post. It was fantastic to see what you all as a player base enjoy and would like to see return. With that being said, we are excited to announce the return of our bi-weekly lore releases! The royal family continues to be in a state of chaos - be sure to check out this week’s release!

Please give a warm welcome to our four new artists! Stasanie, Fillynox, Azreonn, and Lore Monster Studios will be available for custom orders (breeds and individual genetics) moving forward! I will be adding a new section to the forums for Artist availability, links to portfolios, and all things artist related.

In addition to welcoming new art staff, we are pleased to announce the opening of custom art orders in the Art Depot! All outstanding orders have been moved to order holding. If you would like an existing order resumed, please respond to your thread so one of our artists can requite and get you in the work queue! One of our fantastic artists will respond with a quote as soon as possible

On that note, we have two new exciting auctions to announce!



The Energy Glow horn has 4 variations and was completed by our artist, Fillynox! Check out this auction here.

The Snowbird wings has 4 variations and was completed by Azreonn. Check out this auction here!

Next up, our 2023 refresh! Throughout the months of January through March, our focus is to clean up CE’s user interface and polish areas that frequently come up as a pain point for players. This includes addressing pagination issues, missing shortcuts, and other interface related functional issues. Our goal is to have an elevated version of CE by the end of March! Please be sure to continue to voice your concerns in the suggestion section of the forum as we look towards Q2 for development goals.

In addition to refreshing our main desktop version, we will also be tackling the task of optimizing CE for mobile! Our first areas to address with be the exploration page, forums, user messages/notification, headers, and the beauty contests. While CE will always be viewed best on a desktop or tablet, it is important to us that our players have mobile access for on the go gaming!

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