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CelestialEquine: Happy new year!


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Happy new year!

Happy new year! I hope you all enjoyed this time to reminisce on your 2022 accomplishments and also look ahead to what 2023 holds. As a special surprise, we have gifted 5 gems and a special body marking to all current CE players! Search “Celestial New Year” in your inventory to find your new exclusive item!


This news post will cover our upcoming development plans, an opportunity to give feedback/voice player wishes, new releases, and our alliance updates!

Firstly - 2023 will be a year we focus on cleaning up our mobile compatibility. This will start with making horse profiles, the forums, and our beauty contest games mobile compatible. These seem to be the most difficult areas to view on mobile devices and also the most crucial! This endeavor *may* result in us looking into app options depending on what we learn when discussing this move with developers. It has became more and more apparent how necessary mobile access is and we are here to embrace the change!

In addition to mobile compatibility, what updates would you all be interested in? Most suggestions include UI improvements, but what other items would be more enjoyable with some tweaking?

Our alliances have received a fantastic overhaul! We now have 7 alliances for more thoughtful grouping of genes to ensure more horses have aesthetically pleasing combinations! Which alliance is your new favorite? We are partial to the Iazinata and Cacearune alliance!

Lastly, we have enabled all January spotlight packages! Get your hands on them while you can!


Thank you all for reading and have a happy new year!

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