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Lythbound: The Kikitsu's Rivalry, and Something Monstrous Approaches!


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New Kikitsu Build and Variant!

Recent discoveries have shown that there are two new kinds of Kikitsu making the rounds, both with very polarizing beliefs!


First is the Maruisha Kikitsu! These jovial tricksters see life in a much more carefree lens with pranks less on the minor scale, such as only temporarily turning seeds into gold. As a result of their playful annoyances, they often hold a firm rivalry with standard Kikitsu. Due to being a build, Maruisha Kikitsu are free to make with a new character slot! Alternatively, you may use a Scissors of Redesign to change an existing Kikitsu into one.

CONTENT WARNING: Example image has red-colored liquid that may resemble blood.

Secondly, rather unfestively, are the Monster Kikitsu! It seems they've made their appearance despite the Haunted Faire no longer being open for the year. Nasty and disease-ridden, these plaguebearers have rather unfortunate ties to Kikitsu who have ventured for far too long in polluted areas. Their floral items have rotted, and they constantly exude a thick vapor that can cause any healthy Lythian to come down with a fever. As a variant, Monster Kikitsu can be created from a new character slot or by redesigning existing Kikitsu using a Moonsbane Potion!

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