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IcePets.com: Time to Give (and Receive) Some Gifts!


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Is there a Snow Jar or a Stamp you just haven't been able to find? Alternatively, have you been feeling extra generous as of late? Here's some good news for you: the Holiday Gift Exchange has opened up for the season!

Rainbow Gift Box Beautifully Wrapped Gift Box Red Wulfer Gift Box

Lahja hosts this event every year to help her fellow Terrafrostians get the Aurestal gift they've always dreamed of. The way it works is quite simple: choose two on-site Items that you're yearning for, and if someone else in Terrafrost has one on their hands, they can fulfill your wish! If your wish hasn't been fulfilled within three days, you are allowed to change it to something different. However, this is completely optional and can only be done once.

Present Plush Aurestal Tree Present Ice Cube

And if you'd like to make someone's holiday extra special, you can browse the collection of wishes to see which ones you'd like to fulfill. There will be lots of Aurestal wishes to grant, so you can choose as many as you'd like.

Exchange Trophy

You also receive a trophy when you gives gifts through Lahja's Gift Exchange. So when you do a kind deed, you'll feel good and have a reward to show for it!

Festive Gift Box Auroras Gifting Box Guide to Gift Wrapping

The Gift Exchange will last until December 31st, 23:59:59 IcePets Time. This means you'll have plenty of time to make a wish and grant one! Head on over now to make your wish and see which wishes need fulfilled.

Trivia Treasure TroveTrivvy Bow TieTrivvy Plush

Have you ever forgotten what answer you submitted in a past trivia? Now you can view your response, underneath the answers in past trivias! In addition to this change, you can also view all potential correct answers accepted, instead of just the first one listed when applicable.


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