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Lythbound: Lumiheim Guest Advent Sales!


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Lumiheim Guest Advent

A selection of Lumiheim themed Lythians have arrived! These guest and resident artist-designed Lythians will be made available on the day shown on top of their silhouette.

December 13th through December 29th - Designs will be posted according to the number shown in the preview, at 17:00:00 site time. They will be available for varied sale methods on their own listings. (Some days may contain a bonus companion design!)

December 13 - Jarre (SPECIAL: Will be posted as a free raffle!)
December 14 - solar-prince
December 15 - MinkasReverie
December 16 - CakeBird
December 17 - CrestedJay
December 18 - Tamashi
December 19 - Ghosttown1195 (SPECIAL: Includes a bonus free raffle!)
December 20 - RoyalChimera
December 21 - cristais
December 22 - Lechet
December 23 - Sunglassesarlo
December 24 - Breebee (& Kaosheen)
December 25 - Kaosheen (& Breebee)
December 26 - Mock_Orange
December 27 - Nekoehh
December 28 - CosmicEternity
December 29 - benightedswallow

All Lythians will additionally come with bonus Lumiheim-themed frames!

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