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Petverse™ is an upcoming free-to-play virtual pet site that combines nostalgia and modernity. 
Explore new worlds with your pets and make new friends along the way. 

Image Image Image

Jump into the Petverse™!

We are currently in early development!
If you would like to keep up with us, please join our Discord server where we post monthly updates.

All images belong to Petverse, LLC.

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To jumpstart things, we would like to share our current progress.
We have also included all of the current basic (on base) Bovi colors! Stay tuned for more sneak peeks and dev log updates weekly!

- Registration
- Login
- Online Users
- Email Waitlist
- 9 of 22 pets redesigned
- 5 pets w/ basic colors done

- Activity Page
- Explore/World
- Day/Night Cycle

- All Users List
- Inventory
- Inventory page appearance
- Login page appearance
- Registration page appearance

Item usage & details
Layout Redesign

- Pet Creation
- User Profiles
- User Settings
- View Pet
- View User
- Mod Panel
- Admin Panel


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Another week has gone by, so that means another update! We have a couple of pet sneak peeks for you this week: The Mow and Lope! Our artists have been working hard and we hope you enjoy the reveal of their basic (on base) colors.

- 10 of 22 pets redesigned
- 9 pets w/ basic colors done
- 28 items completed (including recolors)

Server emojis for the Mow and Lope have been added! 

We will be back with another update next Wednesday!



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Happy Wednesday, everyone! It's time again for an update and sneak peek! We want to introduce you to the Dragoat! We really love this little friend and we hope you all do too! Alongside this sneak peek, are plushies of each pet we have announced thus far.
- 13 of 22 pets redesigned
- 11 pets w/ basic colors done
- 148 items completed (including recolors)
The official Petverse logo has been commissioned and should be done soon.

Server emoji for the Dragoat has been added! 

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Hello, everyone! Hopefully, you all had a wonderful holiday! 2023 is approaching fast and we plan on making it a productive year for development! Today we'd like to introduce the Wuff! This pet is a friend till the end. He can't wait to play fetch with you! We have also added the Wuff emoji to the server!

here have been questions about how we will be handling pet colorations, so we'd like to answer that! Standard and special pet colors can be changed with "Theme Tokens" by inserting them into the Theme Machine! Included in this post is the standard Blue color Theme Token-- isn't it pretty?
Our logo has also been completed! You can see what it looks like in our previews from now on.

We will see you next year!

- 13 of 22 pets redesigned
- 13 pets w/ basic colors done


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Happy New Year, everyone! We hope that you all had a good time celebrating the holidays. We're back for another Wednesday update to start off 2023! We want to introduce the Dudo this time! This bird is flightless but it doesn't seem to mind. It enjoys eating fruits and spending time with its friends. We've also added the Dudo emoji to the server! :dudo:
Along with our pet reveal is our first time showcasing a Minipet! Meet the Kiddo! This little guy was sponsored by @Milky and will come in multiple colors! Milky generously helped us purchase our domain name and wanted a goat Minipet. - 18 pets w/ basic colors done - Special colors in the works - 165 items completed (including recolors) - Website splash page updated, working on adjustments - Working on mobile UI We hope you enjoy this week's update! We will see you next Wednesday as always. ♥

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Happy Wednesday, everyone! We have two pets that we will be introducing today: The Cursa and Zilla! We have also added the emojis to the server as well! 

The Cursa was once an abandoned Teddy who was taken over by a possessed ribbon. If the teddy still has arms, the ribbon will remove them so it can use its body instead. The Zilla is ready to knock over some important things!

We don't have any new updates to share with you this week as our team rests a bit! Hopefully, you all have a good one and we will see you next Wednesday!





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Hello, everyone! It's that time again! Hopefully, you all have been well since our last update. Today we have a little lazy critter to share with you: The Capy! This little friend wants nothing more than to snooze in the sun. We have also added the Capy emoji to the server! 

We have also completed the roles channel, and we will also be updating the rules channel a bit later today so keep an eye out!

Our artists have been busy working on special pet colors! What colors are you hoping for?

We will see you next Wednesday with another reveal! Take care! ❤️


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Happy dev log day! We're here to reveal this sneaky little fellow: the Rox! You can usually find a Rox conspiring some devious plan. Whether good or bad intentions, these fiends are great planners.

We also have added the Rox emoji!

Outside of this, we have been working with an attorney to trademark the name "Petverse". This should be completed sometime next month! The site will also be open sometime this year. 👀 We will have a date when that day gets closer. We will see you soon!


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Happy first day of February and update day! We have an elusive pet to share with you today: the Vanda! Why do you think it wears a mask? Maybe it's just shy? Or perhaps it has something to hide?

The Vanda emoji has also been added to the server!

- 12 user icons completed
- 1 special pet color completed, starting on another
- 159 items completed (including recolors)
- Forum framework completed
- BBcode functionality implemented

We hope that you all have a fantastic February! As always, we will see you next Wednesday.


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It's our 10th dev log! We hope that you've liked everything we have revealed so far. We're always excited to see what everyone thinks about each update! This one is a little early since I will be without a PC for our normally scheduled post.

Today we have the Hoot! It's a rare sight to see these fellows before dusk. They enjoy reading, but only being awake at night makes that difficult. Despite what you'd expect for a nocturnal creature, they have poor vision in low lighting which makes this very unfortunate.
We have also added the Hoot emoji to the server!

We also have a Minipet to share: The Dustmite! They are typically found under couches or beds.

- Main map artwork completed

We will see you again next week!



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Hello, everyone! We apologize for posting the update later than usual, I’m still without a PC so I had to figure something out to make sure this got out on time!

A prickly creature has been discovered: the Kopine! It uses its quills to defend against attackers and also finds use for them as tools. It’s often that they fall asleep at the very top of a tree and tumble down onto the ground. They’re ok though! They just sleepily crawl their way back up to the top.

We have also added the Kopine emoji to the server!

- Second special color is halfway completed
- Working on trademark details

Hopefully, you all had a wonderful Valentine’s Day! Even if you didn’t have anyone to share the day with, we love you. ❤️
Until next time!


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Happy Wednesday, Petverse! How has your week been? Hopefully well!

Today we have another pet to reveal: the Wooly! This fluffy mammoth has been documented as one of the oldest living creatures to roam the planet. Ancient cave paintings depict the Wooly to have once been a colossal beast compared to its smaller modern ancestor.

We have also added the Wooly emoji to the server!

While we are working hard on development, we have decided to start posting these updates once a month so we can focus on having larger updates for you all. We have a deadline for when the site should be ready this year and we will be sharing that once we get closer to meeting that goal. Since updates won't be as often, we will be hosting fun community activities and contests that will help contribute to the game.

Are you interested in having a creature that you designed to be a real minipet in the game? We are interested in seeing what you come up with! One lucky winner will have their design made into a real item when the game launches. We will also be sharing the official artwork in an update announcing the winner! If you would like to enter your design, please post it in the design contest channel! You may enter as many designs as you would like.
This contest ends on March 15th 2023.

That's all for today! We will see you next month!


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Hello, everyone! It's been a productive month for the Petverse staff. Hopefully, you all have been well since we last posted an update!

Today we will be revealing the elusive Yedi! These ferocious creatures can be found in the coldest environments, uninhabitable to most life. If you care for one of these beasts, it's likely that you won't be messed with.

The Yedi emoji has been added to the server! 

-2 special pet colors completed and 3 color concepts started
- Forums completed
- ToS, About Us, Help, Contact Us, and Apply For Staff pages created

We ended up choosing THREE winners for our Minipet design contest! It was incredibly difficult picking just one; we had so many creative entries! We will be posting the winners along with the official item artwork soon, so keep an eye out!

We will see you next month with another update. Take care!


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Hello, everyone! We know it's been silent for a few months and apologize for that. Mew had unfortunately lost her job, so funding for the site stopped until she was able to find a new place to work. Although it's been quiet, site development has been moving along in the background! We are getting closer to our closed alpha phase which will be open for applications once we are ready. Look out for that later down the road!

We have a few reveals for you this time around! Firstly, we would like to announce the winners of our Minipet Design Contest! Originally, we had only planned on picking one winner, but we had a very hard time doing that because we received so many amazing entries! The winners had their designs made into official Minipets that will be available to obtain when the site is open, and copies will be sent to their designers as a thank you!

@tea - "Clocktowl"
@j (oni) - "Cypurr"/"Cyroar", & Vampunk

We also have a new pet to show you! The Kaw is a clever and curious corvid. They spend a lot of time observing others and are very good at mimicking sounds and speech. Be sure to watch what you say around this feathered friend! We also added the Kaw emoji to the server.

Lastly, we would like to show you the Undead versions of the pets we have revealed so far! It appears that something strange has happened to these pets after visiting the cemetery. I wonder what's going on over there?

Hopefully, this update has left you excited for what is still to come! We can't wait until you jump into the Petverse with us!


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