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Lythbound: New Explorations, Avalon's Shops, and More!


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Naeyouk and Reenah Explorations


The Adventurer's Guild has opened two new sanctioned explorations, one in Reenah and one in Naeyouk! Both are available after reaching realm familiarity level 2 in their respective realm. New exploration exclusive rewards are available from both explorations, including variant items, new pets, and more!


Other explorations have also had their ingredient prize lists updated.

Ruby and Nill - Back in Business!

Or should we say BUZI-ness? 


With the Buzinya population now under control, the Buzinya Research Facility is open to the public once again. Here you'll find Nill selling everything you may need to be rid of any pesky parasites, whether it be ingredients or a BuziCure itself (stickers, frames, and plushies, too... if your reputation with Nill is high enough)! You may also use Nill's services to exchange Buzinyas, Buzimews, or Freed Buzinyas for a new variant of Buzi: Buzibuddis. How... cute? Overall, it seems the scientist has made some interesting new discoveries, thanks to the help of the denizens of the realms, no doubt!



On the flip side, Faefry Fields has re-opened as well, carrying its usual... suspicious stock. Lythians visiting will need level 3 Avalon familiarity to access this shop, which features realm-exclusive pets, frames, foods, a rotating catalog of ingredients, and more! Some of the aforementioned stock is tied to familiarity with Avalon, and Ruby's catalog will expand at certain familiarity levels.

This is the first of a new type of General Shop; Realm Shops will only be accessible via familiarity with the realms they're tied to! These shops will carry exclusive rewards, including keys, ingredients, foods, and more, so keep your eyes peeled for more to come!


Miscellaneous Quality of Life Updates

  • Added a "Mute" feature, which can be used to hide other players from your view. Unlike blocking, this feature does not show your profile as "private" to the blocked individual — instead of hiding you from them, it hides them from you, and prevents some direct communication. Full information about both blocking and muting is here.
  • Added realm EXP log, which can be found here.
  • Removed page reload when clearing individual notifications.
  • Added new bases for Kuniklovs, Lilipeeps, and Nimblix.
  • Fixed a bug wherein shelter pets were not correctly randomly rolling to "follow home" per individual pet.
  • Fixed an additional bug where new Lumiheim foods were not being requested by shelter pets. 2022 foods are now being requested at twice their normal rate temporarily to compensate.

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