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Pocket Puma Pets: Paradigms, LTDs, and some special returns!


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New Paradigms

This release is most... curious.


Scattered Keys, Clockfaces, Mushrooms, and Tea!
Curiouser and curiouser!

New Gifts

Have you been by Leo's Loot lately?


Returning LTD Paradigms

As a special treat, until the end of Winterfest, all of our LTD Paradigms are available!
That means all of our seasonal, winter, and other scarab LTDs!


This includes the new scarab-only Rabbit Paisley LTD so use it while you can!


Returning LTD Markings

Our LTD Markings are available again for sale until the end of Winterfest.
Yet another special treat-- we are spoiling you guys!


You can find them stocking in The Exquisite Aristocat

Special Discount!

Miss Mingo and Marcus the Enchanter have agreed to have a small sale for Winterfest too!


Marcus the Enchanter is offering a discount on his pence enchantments! 30% off!
The following are down to 700,000pp from 1,000,000pp!

Skydream Egg
Griffin Talisman
Vanishing Ink
Gilded Dazzlefly
Runic Dragn Scale
Draconic Heart Crystal


[ Evolutionary Enchantments ]

And Miss Mingo has reduced her Minimarks to 50% off!
The following are down to 1,500,000pp from 3,000,000pp!

Minimark Splatter - Flowers
Minimark Splatter - Gears
Minimark Splatter - Heart
Minimark Splatter - Stella
Minimark Splatter - Snowflakes


[ Miss Mingo's Tool & Dye ]

Winterfest is coming!
The festival will begin around the 20th, and usually goes until the 10th of January.

Be sure to check the news post below for our awesome TE items this month!


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