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Lythbound: Varying Adjustments and a Message From the Adventurer’s Guild!


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Looking to Expand Your Horizons?

An exciting message for all adventurers! 


Realm Familiarity has been completely overhaulled! We've been working hard to expand this system further, and we hope this encourages you to go out and explore with your Lythians!

The realm familiarity level cap has been increased from 3 levels to 20 levels, with each level-up awarding different items and special benefits! If you've ever wondered why many additional items and rare areas have been added to realm explorations, this is why! These occurrences' chances of appearing will now rely on how high your Lythian's familiarity is in any specific realm!
Additionally, multiple Lythians will add to the likelihood of these items and areas appearing, meaning having more Lythians with higher familiarity means rarer rewards! Please note that these benefits are specific to each realm; being level 15 in Arborea only gets you these benefits in Arborea.

Examples of level-up rewards include EXP Boosts, increased chances of getting rare areas in explorations, a guaranteed realm frame, shiny new Lythian profile badges, and even an extra daily exploration! (Currently, up to a maximum of 6.)
Baby Lythians will only be able to go up to level 10, while adults can reach level 20.


Along with this, we also have released a revamped familiarity EXP System! Every time you draw a realm familiarity prompt or a general realm prompt, the Lythian(s) tagged will earn EXP equal to the amount of Loonoles you earn multiplied by 10. Specifically:

  • Familiarity Prompts reward a set amount of EXP. Completing all three will guarantee a Lythian reaches level 3 at minimum. These prompts can only be done by one Lythian at a time.
  • General Prompts reward EXP based on your Loonole count only (at a rate of Loonole value x 100)! In addition, we have added an "Open World" prompt to each realm to give further free play options for experience. All Lythians tagged in these submissions will earn EXP.
  • Exploration rewards 100 EXP but will adjust based on your highest Lythian's level and EXP boosts. In addition, EXP earned from this method will be rewarded to all Lythians that have a key to the realm you are exploring in.

Experience from the previous system has been kept in the new system. To return your Lythians to their pre-overhaul levels, you will need to visit their profiles and click the "Level up" button(s) under the "Keys" tab!

As this is our first release of this new system, we would like to ask anyone who encounters bugs to post in the Bug Reports forum or send in a Support Ticket. Additionally, if you have other feedback, we want to know!

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to send us a ticket here or join our Discord for live support!

Terminology Changes


We are making some adjustments to our overall site text and terminology! Some more major terms have changed to fit better into Lythbound's lore:

- Subspecies will now be referred to as Variants.
- Body Types will now be referred to as Builds.
- Crossbreeds will now be referred to as Lyarics.
- Deities will now be referred to as Auirators.

More changes may be seen around the site, such as our updated Terms of Service, Tutorial, and FAQ!

Lastly, we are making adjustments to Lythian profiles, tooltips, etc, to utilize a consistent numerical ID across all Lythians, rather than having any species-specific IDs.
As part of this, many Lythian-related URLs which previously utilized a Lythian's species-specific ID have been changed to this numerical ID as well. Please update your bookmarks accordingly!

Note: Lythian profile URLs that contain the character's old ID will continue to work for a period of time, to prevent external profile links from breaking.

Lythian image URLs will be changed/updated in a future update!

Core Features & Suggestions

Design Guidelines for all Lythians and companions have been updated! This new system is simplified and narrows required guidelines for all Lythians and companions to 5 or fewer bullet points. These are referred to as "Core Features" and are required when submitting a character slot. Further guidelines are now listed under "Extra Suggestions" and have been made optional; suggestions are provided purely for inspiration and ideas.

Additionally, the following changes have been made to the following species:

  • Gremlini Oninis and Leutyto Gryfons have been turned into builds and no longer require an additional item to make.
  • Sharp Symphonies no longer require an additional item to make.
  • Natural Symphonies and Standard Jackyls have been removed for consistency; going forward they will simply be the base species.

Users who had the items Stolen Bell, Enchanted Leaf, or Sharp Stone in their inventory have been refunded in Referral Points for each item and the items removed from their inventories.

Note: These changes only apply to Non-Affiliate species; Affiliate species may still retain extended requirements when being submitted.

As always, thank you for playing our game!

December Supporter Bonus

Individuals with Supporter Status accounts, and Patreon supporters who join the Patreon before December 1st (Site Supporter accounts acquired via the item may receive remaining Advent Calendar bonuses by joining at any point in December) will have the opportunity to receive bonus gems from visiting the upcoming Advent Calendar in December, in addition to their usual rewards.

The Advent Calendar will be open for 25 days starting December 1st and Supporter Status accounts (as well as Patreon supporters who support before December 1st for December) will receive gems each day they visit, based on their tier (regular monthly gems will also be sent out at the beginning of the month)!
- Patreon $2 tier - 8 gems per visit
- Supporter Status & Patreon $5 tier - 20 gems per visit
- Patreon $10 tier - 40 gems per visit

This means you have the potential to get up to 200/500/1000 bonus gems in December, depending on your support tier, and assuming you visit the Advent Calendar every day!


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