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Wajas: Halloween Closing Credits & Contest Winners


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Halloween Closing Credits Please give a huge thank you to the following staff for their contributions: Tiki : Dye Scripture Glow Splinter : Pumpkin Thief Recolors Sparra : Mushrooms, Ram Skull Mask, and Strange Bunker/Entrance/Tunnel Red WP, Pumpkin Buckets, Danny : Cyber Scythe, Mothman Plush, Cursed Soul, Cursed Soul Red, Face Shadow, and Chains Gold Recolor. Biscuit : Bat Nose, Plague Doctor Mask Black & White, Pumpkin Spice Latte, and Rats along his back. Sym : Swamp at Dusk Wallpaper Zepher : Kelpie Mire Wallpaper and the Green version. Estu : Large Pumpkin, Killer Set, Snake Boot, Cursed Scythe and Anime Sword, Blazing Nightmare recolors, Ruined Future Day WP, Rune Forest Spooky WP, Afternoon Forest Eerie WP, Halloween Trees WP, Bats, and Candy Corn. Kaen : Camping by the Lake WP Canta : Collar Spikes Recolors Bluee & Zor : Went through item prices to help with rereleasing old items. All Staff : Judged the contests. A h

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