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IcePets.com: A Storm Brews Overhead...


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A crack of thunder roars in the skies -- and amidst the storm stands the Revamped Storm Jakrit and Trido, prouder and taller than ever! These powerful Pets have gotten some sharp new artwork, so next time you see them, be sure to give them a compliment.

Storm Jakrit Morphing Potion Randomly Picked Jakrit Morphing Potion

Not only has the Storm Jakrit received a revamp, but its respective Morphing Potion has followed suit! You can get the revamped Storm Jakrit Morphing Potion and the Storm Trido Morphing Poition from the Randomly Picked Jakrit Morphing Potion. This Item is always available in the Novitaria Store. The morphing potions can also be found in Treasure Chests, which are rewarded when you spend $10 or more at the I.C.E Shop. In addition, the Storm Jakrit Morphing Potion and the Storm Trido Morphing Poition will be available at the I.C.E Shop for just 500 IceCash (450 for Gold Accounts) until the end of the month.

Zebra Ducky PinataMushroom Teapot

Making an appearance in Samuel's Toy Trunk are the Zebra Ducky Pinata and Mushroom Teapot, which were funded by fellow Terrafrostians @Silvy and @Shibe respectively. Samuel is honoured to add these new items to the shop! They will also be rewarded by the Plushie Quest, and a week from now, the Space Quest will begin requesting them.

Sewing Needle Sword Patchwork Wulfer Plush Patch Kit

Have you submitted your patch for the Craftshare Tapestry? You still have plenty of time! Head on over to the Contest Page to take a look at the guidelines for this fun collaboration. Remember, you have until November 20th, 23:59:59 IcePets Time to submit your work!

Black Jakrit Plushie Baby Sharshel Plushie Pink Trido Plushie

It's that time again -- the Plushie Quest is in for another doubled questing weekend! From today until November 21st, 23:59:59 IcePets Time, the rewards and opportunities for this quest will be doubled! Be sure to stock up on lots of Plushies, because you don't want to miss this opportunity.

If the you do not see the updated artwork, you may have to do a hard refresh (Ctrl + F5 on Windows computers, Command + Shift + R on Macs).

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