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Pokemon Go and Generation 2 Pokemon


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Ooh I'll take a look through my old wordpress stuff and see if I can find the little article I wrote about Pokemon GO back when it had just been released. I was a bit of an avid player for the first month or so but lost interest surprisingly quickly and don't even have the app anymore. The game used way too much battery for my poor Samsung anyway haha! @Digital

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5 hours ago, PaulSonny said:

Me and the wife are often out walking and catching pokemon, reminds me of being a child again! We are very competitive to see who can catch the most.

This, I mean it is only me, and my wife will usually glare at me when we are going on walks, but there is a certain childish to it all that makes it absolutely fun. I had just started on Silver when I stopped playing, so I am barely familiar with most Gen 2.

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14 minutes ago, Digital said:

Anyone enjoying the water festival they have going on? I am - considering near where I live is mostly ground/rock type, it is nice to get some water types around without having to get to get the beach (sand, ugh)?

Yeah, I finally managed to get my Poliwrath!

I also got a Lapras which I was over the moon about. My friend is still trying to get one!

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The game was hyped up so much, and now it is boring af.

Niantic  need to pull their thumbs out and actually add content the players want. Unfortunately the world runs on money, so I believe the development of PoGO is determined by its shareholders and not the developers themselves. 


Its a a shame because it has so much potential.. 

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I enjoy Pokemon Go. Stopped playing for a while since I cancelled my data to save money and nothing ever really spawned at my house. But recently got a hotspot and went walking yesterday catching Pokemon along the way. It was pretty fun and I feel like a lot more appeared than used to which was nice, plus more variety with the Gen 2s added in. It's boring when there is nothing to catch. Also egg hatching is a good motivator for exercise. 

I wish it was more like the handheld games though. Would be great to catch battle and train the traditional way. 

I still play Pokemon sometimes, I don't have the last few gens with my latest handheld being a DS, but have played with some newer Pokemon on fan games like Pokemon Reborn which is really fun. Much more of an adult game and actually a challenge.

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