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Atrocity: Just a message! 11-7-22


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Hey there everyone!

First off welcome to our new members!! Im so glad to have you here! Please dont hestitate to ask me if you have any issues/need any help!

second- lets welcome three new staff members!

Foxfire- Our encyclopedia filler outer!!

Cheba the smol bee- A new site artist! you've seen her stuff around- but shes official now!


Casino- Our new advertiser! heres hoping they can help spread the word and make things a bit more lively around here!


Otherwise yes ive been working on things! Bug fixes (when told about them) and other addons and things for the site- and my big project is the upcoming sky tear event! Theres no release date as I still have alot of coding to do- and im waiting on images- but I hope to get it out to you all soon!
Heres a map sneak peak.



Theres still a lot left to do for it!

But i will keep going! hahahha...

I did figure out some things to make furture events easier too!

I promise I'm still working on stuff! though I've been silent!

Im still here doing what I do <3

Till next time!


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