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When do you expect your games to be released?

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Well, I still have hopes for having something for Wild Howlz up this year, but as for when exactly... >.> I don't really know. Both me and @Anoua can get quite busy when we need money so Wild Howlz is going a little slow. As it's owner, I'm not complaining though. I'd rather take it slow and have it done right than have the mistakes that happened in the past occur again and get a game I am not satisfied with in the slightest. 

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@Digital I'm not sure how "customisable" the codings are for the clubs feature, but it would be really cool if there was a field "Opening Date" if you select yes for "In Development". Then there could be a status on the club's homepage or something showing "This game is planning to open to the public in 110 days" or something?

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