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Wajas: Rule Updates and Reminders


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Over the last few days we have made updates to our Art Rules and have added additional words to our Prohibited Language List. I will not be going into detail about what words were added, but you can review our rules on swearing under our General Site Rules (Rule #1). For the Art Rules we have updated the following (with changes italicized): Under Art Sales Rules : 3) Traced / copied / heavily referenced artwork is NOT allowed. This cannot be stressed enough. Art sold on Wajas must be the original work of the artist. Artwork found to be traced, heavily copied, or stolen is absolutely forbidden anywhere on site. The artist posting it will have their thread locked, and potentially face punishments including heavy WC fines, ban on selling art in future, temporary forum bans, or freezing of accounts. -- Sale of AI generated artwork is also NOT allowed . AI generated artwork is not the artist’s own work, and as such will not be allowed to be sold on Wajas. Any attempts t

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