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Wajas: A look behind...and a look ahead.


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Well...never would I have anticipated things turning out this way!   What an exciting time it has been for all of us!  I confess, when I realized the few isopteron cocoons that the Mad Scientist couldn't take had actually hatched...!  Well, Lord Apollo has assured that these strange creatures are actually safe.  Peculiar, but safe.  They remain locked in dormancy due to the power they absorbed during their time in the cocoons.  I think I'll pass mine on to someone else, but I am sure there are many among us more than happy to provide them with...loving...homes. It seems as though that all of the cocoons hatched, as nobody has reported coming across any more of them lately.  Only the empty ones remain.  However, it seems the isopterons themselves may still be able to be found in the caves...somewhere... Although he is going to be sequestered in his laboratory for the foreseeable future working on the portal to Solaria, Frederick has ask

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