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IcePets.com: New User Funded Items and a Revamped Profile Skin


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Fairy Freakshake Drink of Divinity

Are your extra IcePoints weighing down your pockets? Luckily for you, we're about to introduce some brand new Items funded by our community, so you have the perfect excuse to do some shopping!

First up is the Fairy Freakshake, which was funded by @LollyX. It's a magical, tooth-rotting treat that will have any Pet jumping for joy! (Or maybe that's just the sugar rush.) For those looking for something a little less sweet, be sure to check out the Drink of Divinity, funded by @Travis! These fancy drinks are often saved for only the most special occasions.

You can find both at Affogato or get it as a reward from the Snowman Quest. A week from today, the Candy Quest will also start asking for them.

Ice Princess Costume

And if you'd like something cute to wear while you enjoy your Freakshake, you may enjoy the Ice Princess Costume, funded by @IcePrincess. It's the perfect outfit for your Pets who love being treated like a princess. You can find it at the Grooming Parlour!

Rusted Grappling Hook Plush Copper Grappling Hook Plush Silver Grappling Hook Plush

And if you're hoping to expand your Plushie collection, you may enjoy these new Items funded by @tae. The Rusted Grappling Hook Plush, Copper Grappling Hook Plush, and the Silver Grappling Hook Plush are essential for Plushie collectors around Terrafrost. You can buy them at the Plushie Palace or receive them as a reward from the Book Quest. Additionally, the Plushie Quest will be requesting them a week from today, so you'll want to stock up on a couple of extras.

Midnight Profile Skin Header

Finally, the Midnight Profile Skin has gotten a a makeover! So if you'd like your profile to have all the aesthetic of a peaceful starry midnight, consider checking it out. It's a default profile skin, so you'll already have it in your collection.

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