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Wajas: Final Part: Vyra Muses


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It was a busy day in the mining caves.   In the distance, the former all-powerful Overlord could hear voices, paws on hard ground, and the sounds of scraping and digging.   The excitement that had taken over these dark, deep…dirty…caves seemed to be mellowing out, though the strange little pebbles still seem to be materializing.   But their appearance was decreasing by the day.   Fewer and fewer were being carried out of the shadowy depths.   As the denizens of Lunaria pondered what else could be done with them, now that the Mad Scientist had gathered as many as he had space for…and perhaps a little more…     Vyra ignored the distant commotion.   Her observations of the last few days had been meticulous, patient, thorough.   Where she sat, in this hidden secluded little hollow, she reclined on the cool hard stone as she regarded the small selection of stones in front of her.   They glitte

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