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Ghost Traptur Ghost Novyn

Over the past few days, high amounts of paranormal activity have been reported around Terrafrost. In other words, the ghosts of Terrafrost have awakened to celebrate Phantasmoire!

No need to fear these ghosts, though -- they're as friendly as they come. And when you encounter one, you'll get the opportunity to "trick" or "treat", which could result in a fun prize! These ghosts speak in ancient spooky tongues that only Phantasmoire Pets can understand, so unless you have a Pet with that colour, they may be too shy to approach you. Keep an eye out for the next few weeks, because they ghosts will be going back into hibernation on October 31st, 23:59:59 IcePets Time.

Ouija Board

Ghosts are a little introverted, so there's a limit to how many you'll see in one day -- unless you have the Ouija Board. This tool can reset the counter and allow you to chat with even more ghosts! Stop by the I.C.E Shop if you'd like to pick one up. They're just 150 IceCash (135 for Gold Accounts), which is a pretty good steal!

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