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Wajas: Forum Trick or Treat


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Forum Trick or Treat is coming! Good morning folks! Coming to you a couple days early is a reminder that the Forum Trick or Treat will be starting on Monday, October 17th at 12 AM. It will run through Sunday October 23rd, ending at 11:59 PM. For those who do not know what the Forum Trick or Treat is, please visit this Library Page for information on how to opt into the event and how to participate. If you are experiencing any issues, feel free to post in the Help forum or if it seems like an error on the coding end, the modbox. Before asking questions, make sure you have read that page in full since it should answer most of your questions. Please note: We have provided a catch all for you to use to create your own "trick or treat area" during this forum event. You may find that here . This area has it's own rules, so please make sure you read the pinned thread. As the Trick or Treat forum feature will not work on threads / posts made before the sta

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