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Lythbound: Welcome, Nudinyms!


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Hello everyone!

We've started a few recent updates with this but: we are here with exciting news once more!

We recently began working with Lighterium and 0alacrity to bring Nudinyms into the Realm of Lyth, in a similar fashion to the recent merges with Symph Pond and Astral Story. Today we are here to announce that Nudinyms are now officially permanent residents of Lyth!

As with previous merges, this means a couple things:

Nudinyms' Masterlist is being merged into our existing Masterlist. If you own a Nudinym, they will be added to your Lyth account and they will be playable in all things, just as other antecedents are!

Nudinyms' community will be merged in with our own -- please give them a warm welcome!

And we will be able to utilize many of Nudinyms' ARPG concepts for upcoming game features. They've got a lot of cool ideas and we've been busily working away at implementation (while still working on some other things we have had on the docket through January).

If you were a member of Nudinyms prior to the merge, we will be working on inventory transfers in the coming days. For accounts that have already linked site and DeviantArt together, we will work through and award items and currency. If you haven't yet linked to DeviantArt, you can do so and we will transfer your inventory at that time (as we have done with Symphonies).

Jelly, Nudinyms' previous currency, will be converted to Loonoles at a 1:1 ratio.
Most items will be transferred over directly, though a couple cases may be receiving a name change.

And finally, an achievement will be rewarded to those who owned a Nudinym or had an inventory and participation in the Nudinym ARPG prior to the merge.

One other adjustment coming with this update is a change to items previously categorized as “Trinkets.” Trinkets (or “Treasures”) were a collectible feature carried over from Astral Story. We have decided that we would rather focus on pets, badges, and passports as the primary collectibles for individual Lythians. Thus we will be removing currently attached Trinkets from Lythians (they won’t disappear; they’ll go into your inventory!) and changing their item type to be “Ingredients” which will be used in the upcoming crafting feature.

Thank you to everyone for reading and we look forward to a future with these sociable sea kids in our world!

Please go here to read their announcement!

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