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Lythbound: [IMPORTANT ANNOUNCMENT] - Lythbound Overhaul


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Hi everyone!

We’ve got an important announcement today, and we’re really excited to share what’s going to be coming soon!

We know that a lot of players have wanted more lore for a long time now! The Turn the Tides event and (to a lesser extent) KuniPicki event were our first real foray into building that up. But it hasn’t felt quite right and we have hit a number of walls internally with regards to developing the world’s lore that we want to present and you want to see.

The ultimate result of this is that we have decided the best course of action is a complete overhaul of the game’s branding, lore, mechanics, and world in general.

On the surface, we know that sounds scary! Lyth has been through a lot over the years and seen its fair share of changes. When Jack took over at the end of 2019, a complete change like this was something that they wanted to avoid. But after 7 or so months, the merge of 3 other games/communities, and a lot of internal staff work, we realize that to set ourselves up for the best possible future: an overhaul is necessary.

What does this mean for you, your progress, and the game’s updates? In general, we want to keep the progress you have made thus far. Everyone will keep their accounts, their characters, their items/pets, etc. Where possible and necessary, we will provide compensation for changes. For example, if an item is removed from the game, we will explore currency or new/equivalent item compensation for anyone who has that item in their inventory.

At this time, we are still finalizing some parts of the game that are changing. We don’t want to rush this, but we also felt it prudent to inform you of our intent -- we know that real life money plays an important part in aspects of the game, including the purchase of many new designs, and we want you to be able to make informed purchasing decisions.

Our goal is to work on this overhaul alongside finishing up some features that have been in the works for a bit (things that, for example, might be more “mini-game-esque” or website quality of life and less lore-related). But the overhaul will be taking a priority, as we are removing some things, and would like to re-implement the replacements as quickly as possible, while making sure we are setting ourselves up for success moving forward. This is not a hiatus of your regularly scheduled updates, but rather a shift in what some of those updates are.

There is one thing that we will be putting on pause immediately: earning map passports. We are completely revamping the map and locations you can visit, thus earning passports to the current locations needs to be stopped immediately. We will be discussing the best way to move already-earned passport completions to the new locations, so that you don’t lose the effort you had put in previously. If you were in the process of completing a passport prompt for an existing location, we will provide a 7 day grace period for you to finish and submit this and earn the old location passport, making yourself eligible for the compensation option(s) that we eventually provide.

Future designs also will no longer feature adaptations/traits of any kind. We are shifting to focusing on subspecies and body types for all species. Previous Forim Descendant designs that have adaptations will keep their appearance/design and will not require any changes. Adaptation ticket items will be removed and compensated with equivalent currency to their shop price.

MYO tickets will be changing: there will no longer be separate “Antecedent MYO Tickets” and “Forim Descendant MYO Tickets” -- these will be combined to one MYO ticket used to make the “basic/regular subspecies” of any playable species, priced at 25 gems (roughly $25 USD). Users who previously purchased antecedent or forim descendant MYO tickets with gems from the Lyth Patreon Gem Shop will have the difference in gems credited back to their account.

Further changes will be announced as we progress! As always, if you have suggestions about site features, lore content, or other things you'd like to see, we would love to hear them! We consider all suggestions, and while we cannot always implement them, we've gotten many good ideas in the past to springboard off of and improve the game and website.

We would like to reiterate that we are not pausing activities other than the passports mentioned above. The “They Came From Nowhere” event will also continue as planned and you can integrate your interactions with the Kuniklovs and Nitpickis with your characters’ canon into the future as well! (In general, our intent is to carry over as much as we can canonically from both this and Turn the Tides, but we want to allow everyone the freedom to make their own stories as well, and we certainly won't ever tell you that your character story is wrong.) Thank you so much for your continued patience and support and we look forward to post-overhaul and bringing you new content for years to come!

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