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Lythbound: Species Origin Quests Are Live!


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Lythian Origin Story Quests are now available for all playable species! You can view their quest and tale via their species information page. The following information, as well as quick links to species quests, is also always available by viewing the Origin Story Quests page!

Everyone starts somewhere, even Lythians! Origin Stories are prompts that allow you to show us a snapshot from your character’s past that defines who they are now. Each species has their own unique quest and Origin Tale for you to explore!

✦ General Requirements
must earn at least 30 Loonoles per submission
should be turned in as one submission

✦ Rewards
Loonoles based on Free Play guidelines
ability to update your baby-stage character to their adult design
badge to go on character’s profile

Growth Stories can be completed once per character.

They are mainly used to grow up baby characters — allowing you to design full-grown forms for them — but can also be retroactively done for already-grown individuals! These are only available for official, already-existing Lythians that you own. They are not “MYO Quests” that award you with a new character when you are done.

Note: Some species' Origin Tales are slated to be expanded on in the future, but the information available now is accurate regardless.


In addition to the above, we have recently released the following new feature:

Username Changes: username changes are now available for all users! The first username change is free and can be initiated at any time, however username changes beyond the first will cost 5 gems.


And last, but certainly not least, the Staff Opportunities page has been updated with currently-available roles!

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