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Lythbound: [EVENT] Free Raffle & Updates!


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The Haunted Faire is holding a free raffle with a selection of wonderful prizes! To gain entries to the raffle, you must advertise Lyth and/or the Haunted Faire event on various social media websites.

You may gain up to 4 entries for the raffle by advertising in various places! To report your entries to us, please us this Google Form, and view all raffle guidelines on this page.

Prizes include an Onini, a full set of Eidolons, and a set of the Halloween-themed frames!

Arcade Updates

/storage/assets/arcade/icons/1.png /storage/assets/arcade/icons/2.png

The Arcade has been refreshed and the Ghost Collector game has been updated! Additionally, a new game has been added: Star Flyte!

Both games have also had high score tables added and will record your scores moving forward. (Scores are automatically sent at the end of the game.) We intend to monitor sent scores with the intention of implementing further currency/rewards for Arcade games in the future.

Lythian Likes

We have added the ability to "like" Lythians whose designs you enjoy via the Lythian's profile. You can then view your Liked Lythians via this page. All likes are anonymous, though Lythian profiles currently display the total number they have received. We will consider how to develop this feature as we move forward, based on its usage/suggestions.

Other Updates


The Lost Realm Key has been added to the Haunted Faire Stall for 50 Faire Tickets. This item can be used to unlock The Lost Realm on any one Lythian that does not yet have it unlocked.


FORMula Plus has been added to Truffle's Treasure Trove for 300 Loonoles. This mysterious concoction can be used alongside an art update to add a new form to the Lythian. This form can be any basic (non-asterisked) subspecies or common body type species.

Customizable Pet information has been added to the species information pages.

Other general updates such as continuing to update terminology around the site and adding keyword search to the FAQ.


You have until November 8 at 23:59:59 Eastern Time to submit designed versions of FPCs. Any that are not designed (still showing the NPC, non-customized version of the art) will be removed after this point. Please refer to this news post for full information.

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