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Lythbound: Haunted Faire Extension and Lythian Marketplace


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The mysterious magics surrounding the Lost Realm seem weak still, in spite of the rapidly-approaching end of October. The Ringleader informs all visitors that she expects the Lost Realm will continue to be available to the general public for an extra week!

The following Haunted Faire festivities are being extended for one week, until November 7th, 2020 @ 23:59:59!

- Realm prompts and availability
- Drawtober prompts
- Apple Bobbing
- Free raffle entries (this means the raffle will not be rolled until November 8th)

However, the Costume Contest and Eidolon Hunt will close as expected at the end of October 31, 2020.

Lythian Marketplace

We have implemented a dedicated page to list the Lythian designs currently available for purchase or offers.

Unowned designs created by staff and guest artists will be listed here, as well as designs listed by members who are seeking to rehome their characters.

We will be aiming to adjust guest artist/staff premade design sales to occur on-site via these listings. Sales options such as auctions can be posted per-listing, and all comments on the listings will alert the seller. As always, guest artists and staff will be fully allowed to advertise their designs where they would like, but this will hopefully help centralize sales and keep them available to all members.

Moving forward, new auctions will always be held on-site on the relevant character listing.

Member sales listings operate similarly: comments on a listing will notify the seller, and there are various options available when listing a Lythian for sale/trade.

To list one of your Lythians for sale, visit their profile and click the "List Lythian for Sale/Trade" button. Lythians that aren't allowed to be sold won't see the "sales" section, but can still be listed for trade. FPCs cannot be listed at all, as they cannot be transferred.

Once a sale or trade has been agreed upon, it is still up to the seller/purchaser to arrange an exchange of the currency/items/characters/etc and transfer the Lythian. Upon transfer, a Lythian's marketplace listing will automatically be removed, so you don't need to remember to delist them.

Companion marketplace listings are not yet available, but are in the works.


You have until November 8 at 23:59:59 Eastern Time to submit designed versions of FPCs. Any that are not designed (still showing the NPC, non-customized version of the art) will be removed after this point. Please refer to this news post for full information.

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