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Lythbound: Haunted Faire End & New Limited Shop Stock


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The Haunted Faire event has officially ended! Thank you to everyone who participated and we hope that you had a wonderful time. Any remaining rewards from raffles, contests, Drawtober, etc. have all have been distributed. Please contact us if you believe you are missing anything.

Congratulations to LiiFang for winning the Costume Contest!

Congratulations to the following users for winning the advertising raffle prizes:
Dantaku - Onini ON31
walls96 - Eidolons Set
Lechet - Frames Set

And the winner of the IG73 raffle:

Thank you again to everyone for participating in the Haunted Faire! The event shop will be available until the end of the year, though the event will be removed from the site navigation soon.

NPC Shop Updates

NPC shops have received updates, including sorting their stock by category for easier viewing. We have also added the ability for items to have limited stock amounts. In the case of limited items, all site users see the same item availability. This means, if there are three of an item available to everyone, and one person buys one, there will then only be two of those available to everyone, until all items are gone.

The majority of items will have infinite stock, like they always have, but limited stock will be used when we want to release rarer items (such as MYO tickets) in limited amounts.

../../storage/assets/items/210.png ../../storage/assets/items/209.png
Speaking of MYO tickets, it looks like Truffle's Treasure Trove has received a shipment. 3 Playable species tickets and 4 Companion tickets have been added for Loonole sale! Be sure to hurry and grab them before they are gone!

We are planning on adding new stock of MYO tickets for Loonoles in limited amounts periodically in the future as well.

Other Updates

- New Crafting recipes have recently been added, including a pet and new frame. Good luck searching for them!

- The deadline for FPC design turn-ins has passed and any FPCs remaining undesigned will be removed this week, as per this news post. If you had a design in mind but were unable to submit by the deadline, you can always submit them with an MYO ticket in the future! MYO ticket characters have fewer limitations than FPCs and can be obtained via the gem shop, limited Loonole stock, or events.

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