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Lythbound: For the Inamorate Extended!


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For the Inamorate

For the Inamorate event activities have been extended till the end of the week!


Prompts, special shop stock, and MYO Baby Crossbreed Tickets will now be available until March 12, 2021 @ 23:59:59 Eastern Time! Please be sure to make any submissions before then!

Other Updates

- Various site improvements, including moving approved ARPG information to its own page (you can see old staff comments here too!) and updating the notification system so that clearing notifications removes the exclamation point but they can still be viewed here.

- Added visible display of art gallery submissions that have been marked as visible.
- - Known bugs: images may display duplicates; this will be fixed in a future update

- Site polls have been added as a way for us to gather data. No polls are currently available, but will be added in the future.

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