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Lythbound: Jin's Speech, Layout and Cash Shop Updates


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It's been a long span of time of collecting and decorating meecebait. You don't know what Jin's planning but it's certainly...something. Although he's already explained what he's doing, he never bothered explaining why he's doing it. Any questions about this topic are met with eccentric responses that frankly, don't make much sense. Nonetheless, he's gotten quite the number of helpers and it appears to all be coming together.

"Are you done with that one?"

You look up and it's Jin. They're looking at you — specifically the meecebait you're holding — over their spectacles, bushy tails twitching excitedly. It's basically done, so you hand it over to them. They accept it with a grateful nod before hurrying away, muttering under their breath. You watch as they go to their creation and carefully add your contribution to it.

Oh yea, so Jin's been taking everyone's art projects and decorating a giant altar with them. It's quite the grand sight, decorated with rocks, gems, light orbs, meecebait, and many many plants. You don't know where he got all the plants from but the altar is adorned with a wide variety, ranging from common grasses to exquisite flowers. They dominate most of the altar, but everyone's meecebait designs are nestled sporadically among the flora.

You wonder what it's all leading up to…

"Oh, oh, it's starting!" Jin suddenly exclaims, bouncing up and down excitedly, "Everyone, look, look, LISTEN!"

Per his request, you perk up your ears and focus. You don't hear anything at first but then soft squeaking fills the air. It comes in waves, gradually increasing in volume. Curiously, it seems to be echoing all around you, so you swivel your head around to scan for the source. Your eyes immediately spy lots of movement among the tall grass. What are— meeces?!

Sure enough, meeces start popping out of the foliage everywhere, delighting some Lythians while startling others. One even pops up right next to you, glances up at you, before skittering away. The meecebait is definitely working, because all of them are running towards the altar, chittering away as they study the egg-shaped objects.

Well, the meeces are here...now what?

The return of meeces is certainly a sight to see; Jin had been going on about how it's been a long time since they'd made their appearance but never bothered to explain their importance. You appreciate the spectacle but something else has got to happen at some point, right?

Suddenly, you feel the hair on the back of your neck prickle and an energy rushes through you. It's a feeling that every Lythian knows, no matter how attuned or not attuned to it they are: magic. From the altar, where all the meece have now gathered, you see their beady red eyes glow white, as a surge of energy ripples through the air around you. The magic is warm, hopeful, and invigorating, so you easily categorize it as growth magic. And, as if on cue, all the grasses, flowers, greenery, all types of flora start growing, blooming, revitalizing…

The feeling of Lyth in spring.

Jin's shouting brings you out of your remembrance and you turn your attention back on him. He's kneeling amidst all the flora he'd collected for the altar and something curious is happening. Cradled in his hands is a small, golden leaf, that's glowing with a bright aura. It floats up and away from his palm, suspended in the air, before exploding into rays of light. In the blink of an eye, the leaf is no longer floating; instead, it's resting atop a furry head, framed by two large, pointed ears.

It's another of Jin's species!

"Ostavera worked, it worked, it all worked!" Jin cries, as the vulpines embrace. You can hear the clear, unadulterated joy in his voice as he exclaims, "Welcome back, everyone!" As one by one, each piece of flora on the altar begins to burst into life, each Kikitsu awakening from their deep slumbers.


Thanks to everyone's help with decorating meecebait, creating altars, and observing Ostavera, Jin was able to successfully revive the Kikitsu species! Because spring had been away for so long, many Kikitsu ran out of growth magic — the source of their energy — and fell into hibernation.

Jin was the last of his species for a long time — but no longer.

Thank you again for partaking in our Ostavera event and contributing to this wonderful community!

Layout Updates

All versions of the layout have been updated! If you are experiencing any issues with viewing the updated site layout, please try using Ctrl+F5. If this does not fix it, please fill out a bug report, thank you!

Mysteriously, the ????? ????? layout has appeared for today only. Be sure to switch to it, if you would... like to... (Please note, the ????? ????? layout does not follow accessible web standards.)

Cash Shop Charity Items


Last year's Pride charity items have been moved to the on-site Cash Shop. This means that these items will be automatically delivered when purchased! The Lythbound Storenvy shop has been placed into maintenance mode and removed from the layout as items that were previously available there are now in the Cash Shop.
We will continue to donate the profits from items marked as [CHARITY] as we go forward into the future. Thank you for your support!

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